For children from 0 - 18 jaar in Voorschoten area

Paediatric Occupational Therapy when daily activities are difficult

Does your child experience difficulties with all kinds of day to day stuff? Dressing that continues to be awkward, shoes on or off not to mention tying shoelaces, colouring, cutting, illegible handwriting or other difficulties with writing, cycling and so on. Or does he always complain about noises, can’t stand the labels in her clothes or panics when the smallest dirt gets on her hands, does he never sit still or unable to focus, constantly touching everything and everyone. Paediatric Occupational Therapy can help.

Occupational Therapy works from a holistic point of view. I don't look at the child alone but at all aspects surrounding the child. What are strong and less strong abilities, how is the environment at home and at school, what is causing the issues? The practical daily activities which give a lot of stress and frustration are the focus in this. Together we look at how we all can help the child to develop and grow.

Please see ‘when Paediatric OT' for further information regarding specific areas.

When Paediatric OT

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