Annemieke Derksen Occupational Therapist

In 2012 I founded “Annemieke ergotherapie”. I have worked as an Occupational Therapist since 1997 in various settings including abroad; nursing homes, intellectual disabilities, Paediatric Occupational Therapy and now in private practise.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy

I started with a practise focused on adults and children. Over the years I realised that paediatrics is where my heart lies. In 2021 I have successfully finished the specialisation of Peadiatric Occupational Therapist.

Working with children is different every day and I find it a great challenge. The puzzle of finding out what exactly is causing the difficulties, the refreshing view children have on things, the sincerity of their experiences and the joy they approach things with make every day fun.  I find it very important to include the environment of the child in the treatment But by also including the child itself in setting the goals makes them motivated for therapy. It is amazing to see the child and the family grow and to help them to be proud of themselves again.

I have had specialized training in Sensory Processing, Autism Spectrum Disorders, writing difficulties, CO-OP training.


Specialization & work area

I'm specialised in:

-Sensory Processing 
-Sensory Processing of children with ASS (autism)
-DCD / dyspraxia
-Writing difficulties 
-Complex seating difficulties

Work area

I live in Voorschoten where the practice is based.

Areas coverd go from Voorschoten, Leidschendam, Wassenaar
Leiden, Leiderdorp and Zoeterwoude (The Hague in consultation)