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Procedures & general terms and conditions

  • Cover by the health insurance is discussed prior to making the appointment for intake. Cover includes up to 10 hours a year. Sessions are billed directly to the health insurance per 15 minutes. Some additional insurance packages cover extra hours. You can check this in your policy terms or with your insurance company.
  • Intervention is possible without a referral however this does not apply for all insurance companies. Without a referral a screening needs to take place that takes up 15 minutes of the 10 hour cover. Therefor I usually recommend asking your GP for a referral.
  • When intervention is finished a short report will be send to the referrer. Parents will receive a copy.


  • During the intake interview, the problems experienced by the child and parents and/or school will be discussed in more detail. With this, goals and a treatment plan are set.
  • Intervention will include gathering the required information through observations (home/school/practise), formal assessments and questionnaires. Subsequently, the sessions will be focused on achieving the treatment goals.  Intervention will take place in the setting where most effect is expected. This can be in the practise, at home or in some cases at school.
  • In order to reach the set goals parents are expected to actively participate in between sessions.


For the full information on procedures & general terms and conditions, please look here

Terms and Conditions

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