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Daily skills

  • Unable to tie laces. It frustrates so much that they refuses to go to gym class
  • Not getting the hang of cycling
  • Clothes inside out, backwards or clothing is incomplete
  • Always knocking over glasses when trying to reach for them, tearing bread while spreading butter etc.
  • Not having homework done in time, packing wrong books, forgetting school equipment etc.
  • Constantly being distracted during self-care or getting ready for school.
  • (chronic) Pain or fatigue which makes every day so hard and difficult

There can be difficulties with normal day to day activities like dressing, self care, play etc. Usually they develop automatically however it is not always that easy. Besides motor difficulties there can also be problems in following the steps. For example; in order to dress yourself you need to know in which order clothes go, then you have to figure out which side is top/bottom/back/front/inside out, then you have to make a motor plan to move your body in order to put your arms in the rights whole, where your head needs to go, how to move your arms over your head etc. Then your fingers need to be able to find the edge of the shirt to pull it down and then we are not even mentioning closing buttons, zips etc. All and all a lot of stuff that can go wrong; motor skills, visual-spatial awareness, planning and many more.

Once we found out which particular area is causing the difficulties with learning the skills we can address them. We practise this in a day to day routine to create more independence, confidence and growing potential.


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